Talent Concept

Human resources is the first resource of Dawei shares and the basis for the survival and development of Dawei shares. The company adheres to the concept of employing talents, insists on people-oriented, pays attention to personnel training, creates a corporate culture of mutual trust and mutual respect for the growth and progress of employees, and creates necessary conditions for employees' technological innovation and management innovation. Create an elite team that is determined to be enterprising, pragmatic and innovative, and eager to fight hard, and reward and praise employees with outstanding performance and outstanding contributions.


We focus on motivation and sharing to continuously improve the compensation and welfare system, actively promote the performance management system, let employees and business share business results, and encourage employees to pursue excellence. We use internal selection recommendations and external introductions to gather talents. Develop talents and retain talents through the establishment of multi-channel career channels. We have established Dawei College to adapt to short-term and medium-term training, and finally to provide long-term training-oriented, provide employees with targeted, different stages of training programs to help new employees adapt to the company and positions as soon as possible, and continue to encourage learning and improve Various skills and cultures to achieve the goal of the company to develop personal growth.


We appreciate the people who are willing to work hard, and those who dare to be creative and dare to take responsibility. Excellent quality and high professionalism are what we admire. For those who are capable, we are fully authorized. For the merits, we grant Houlu. We emphasize institutional management and use the strengths of others to be eclectic. Exploring talents and discovering talents is what we have been pursuing.


What we offer to you is not only a job, but also a broad career development space, a life stage that allows you to make full use of your strengths, talents and creativity!