Retanning Agent


Amphoteric syntan

Chemical & Physical Data:

Appearance:                Light yellow powder

Solid Content/%:          ≥94.0

pH(10%):                     3.0~5.0


lDOWELLTAN ST58 is based on condensation of aromatic sulphonic acids.

lDOWELLTAN ST58 is particularly suitable for retanning chrome tanned leathers that are required to be dyed to full, brilliant shades.

lDOWELLTAN ST58 is compatible with all anionic retanning agents. It is compatible with chrome and chrome syntans. It has a dispersing action on vegetable tanning agents.

lLeather retanned with DOWELLTAN ST58 gives firm, fine grain, medium fullness and softness.


lIn order to improve the fullness, DOWELLTAN ST58 can be used in combination with other anionic tanning agents and vegetable retanning agents.

lDOWELLTAN ST58 can be used together with chrome to improve the fullness. It will result fuller leathers with a very fine grain which can be dyed to intense shades.

lSuggested dosage of DOWELLTAN ST58 is 2-8% based on the shaved weight.


15KG kraft paper bag


1 year storage in sealed original package at 5-35℃,once open the packaging, use up the products as soon as possible. Direct contact with product may Stimulate skin and mucous membrane,rinse with running water when touch. Non-dangerous chemicals.