Retanning Agent


ST55 is a condensation of phenol sulfonic acid

Chemical & Physical Data:

Appearance:        Light beige powder

Content/%:           ≥95.0

pH(10%):          2.0~3.5

Charge:            Anionic


lSignificantly improves the compactness and fullness of leather,especially suitable as tanning and retanning agent for wet white after pretanning.

lGives the leather fine grain surface,soft and round feel and uniform filling effect.

lRecommended for leather with strict requirements on formaldehyde content, such as automobile leather.


lIn retanning process of wet blue and wet white, according to the style requirements of the finished product, the usual dosage is 2-6% (on the shaved weight).


20KG kraft paper bag


The product can be stored in its original packaging between 5ºC and 35ºC for 12 months. After unpacking and use, the package should be sealed immediately, once the package is opened, the product in the package should be used up as soon as possible. Direct contact will irritate the skin. Rinse with running water when in contact, Non-hazardous chemicals.