Retanning Agent


Syntan for white leather

Chemical & Physical Data:

Appearance:                   Dark brown liquid

Effective Constituent/%:  51.0~55.0 

pH(10%):                         2.0~4.0

Charge:                            Anionic


lDOWELLTAN EL56-L is hydroxyl of Anionic copolymer of sulfonic acid and Aromatic hydroxyl.

lDOWELLTAN EL56-L has excellent light resistance and can be used for the production of light colored and white leather. 

lDOWELLTAN EL56-L gives a very micromesh grain pattern. Re-tanned leathers will have good dyeing effect and brighter colour.


lDOWELLTAN EL56-L can be used for production of high quality white leathers. In combination with other retanning products it is possible to adjust the compactness, feel and softness of the grain. Suggestion dosage is between 4 to 8% based on shaved weight.

lDOWELLTAN EL56-L can form a layer of Anionic charge in leather surface to reduce the affinity of dyestuff to the fibers thus improve more even grain surface. Therefore, it is ideal for leveling light colour leathers.

lDOWELLTAN EL56-L can also be used for making shrunken grain leathers with flat lines.

lDOWELLTAN EL56-L can be used in retanning reptile leathers. It will clearly difference the contrast of the natural grain pattern and pigmentations.

lIt contains trace amounts of formaldehyde, please decide the dosage according to the formaldehyde limit requirements of leather.


120L plastic drum


1 year storage in sealed original package at 5-35℃. Avoid long-time exposure in sunlight or freezing environment. Drums should be tightly resealed each time after material is taken from them, and their contents should be used up as soon as possible after they have been opened. The change in ambient temperature may slightly influence the appearance of this product. It is suggested to stir this product well before using. Non-dangerous chemical.