Retanning Agent


Amino resin retanning agent

Chemical & Physical Data:

Appearance:              Light yellow powder  

Solid Content/%:        ≥94.0

pH(1%):                     7.0~9.0


lDOWELLTAN DD42 has excellent filling for hollow loose parts.

lDOWELLTAN DD42 can give the leather soft, plump and a comfortable bubble feeling, suitable for the retanning of thin, light and soft leather.

lDOWELLTAN DD42 has good dyeing uniformity.


lSuitable for the production of garment leather, shoe upper leather, sofa leather and other varieties, the recommended dosage: 3%-6% (based on shaved weight).

lThis product contains trace formaldehyde, please decide the dosage according to the formaldehyde limit requirements of leather.


20KG kraft paper bag


1 year storage in sealed original package at 5-35℃,once open the packaging, use up the products as soon as possible. Direct contact with product may Stimulate skin and mucous membrane,rinse with running water when touch. Non-dangerous chemicals.