Retanning Agent


Phenolic synthetic tanning agent

Chemical & Physical Data

Appearance:          Off-white powder

Content/%:             ≥98.0

pH10%:        3.5~4.5

Charge:                  Anionic


lIt has excellent light resistance and can be used for the production of light colored and white leather. 

lUsed for the retanning of chrome tanned leather to obtain a soft and plump feel.

lThe dyeing effect is good, it can dye bright and uniform tones, and the color is brighter.


lIt can be used for post-neutralization retanning filling, and together with other anionic retanning agents and dyes.

lThe recommended dosage is 3-8% (based on the weight of the shaved blue skin)


25KG kraft paper bag


The product can be stored in its original packaging between 5ºC and 35ºC for 12 months. After unpacking and use, the package should be sealed immediately, once the package is opened, the product in the package should be used up as soon as possible. Non-dangerous chemicals.