Retanning Agent


A filling material composed of natural protein

Chemical & Physical Data:

Appearance:                     Light yellow to yellow

Solid Content/%:    ≥93.0

pH(10%):                           5.0~7.0


lGood filling performance and suitable for loosely structured raw materials.

lGives the leather good fullness and roundness,and also tightness and smoothness to the grain .

lGood light fastness.

lImproves the buffability of suede and nubuck leathers.


lIt can be used in chrome retanning process. The recommended dosage is 1.0-2.0% (based on the weight of shaved wet-blue).

lWhen used in filling process in combination with synthetic tanning agent and vegetable extract. The recommended dosage is 2.0-4.0% (based on the weight of shaved wet-blue).

lIt can also be used in fatliquoring process, and the recommended dosage is 1.0-3.0% (based on the weight of shaved wet-blue).


25KG plastic woven bag


1 year storage in sealed original package at 5-35℃. After each use, the package should be sealed again. Store in a cool and dry environment, protected from moisture and sun. Once the package is opened, the products should be used up as soon as possible. Non-dangerous chemical.