Retanning Agent


Compound synthetic tanning agent

DOWELLTAN ST63 It is a compound synthetic tanning agent

Chemical & Physical Data:   

Appearance:         Beige white powder

Solid content/%:   ≥90.0

pH1%:           4.5~6.5 


lWith excellent selection of filling properties, especially for the loose parts of the leather fiber, can improve the grain tightness, leather is soft and plump.

lIt has very good leather grinding properties.

lWith good even-dyeing performance, leather dyed bright.


lSuitable for neutralization and post-filling of Nappa, double layer leather and other ground leather.The dosage can be determined according to the production variety, the recommended dosage is 2-6%.

lThis product contains a small amount of formaldehyde,please decide the amount according to the leather 

formaldehyde requirements.


      25KG plastic woven bag


Store in closed condition at 5-35℃.This product will keep for one year in its original airtight packaging. The packaging should be sealed immediately after each use; Once the package is opened, it is advisable to use up the products in the package as soon as possible.Non-hazardous chemicals.